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Drug screening tests for companies and industries


Manufacturer of drug tests for companies and industries

NarcoCheck gives an answer to the growing need of security related to the consumption of drugs of abuse in the workplace.

Whether alcohol, marijuana or certain medications, many substances affect physical and sensory faculties. Thus, it becomes impossible to perform certain tasks safely. It is therefore imperative for companies to take steps to manage these risks.

Manufacturer of drug tests for companies transporting goods and people

Transportation companies

Supplier of saliva tests to companies transporting goods and people, NarcoCheck is your partner in the management of road risks linked with the consumption of alcohol and drugs.Whether you are a road, air or rail operator, we will advise you and guide you through the set up of your drug screening campaings, to protect your crew, the property of your clients and the reputation of your services.

Provider of drug tests for construction companies

Construction companies and building industry

The construction sector has a large number of jobs at risk. From the foreman to the crane driver, it is imperative to ensure that your all staff is in full possession of its faculties, to minimize the risk of incidents. The serious consequences that may arise from accidents related to drug use requires a continued vigilance. Drug testing on site, directly in thee workplace, can help to control this risk, and NarcoCheck advise you to organize it in full serenity.

Provider of drug tests to the petrochemical industry

Petro-Chemical Companies

The very nature of chemicals or hydrocarbons requires vigilance at all times. The use of certain drugs by a single person can put at risk the security of an entire site. NarcoCheck is now the partner of various players in this industry, and provides screening devices to suit their needs. For example, we provide nicotine tests to offshore oil platforms, which can ensure the respect of the absolute smoking restriction.

Other industries

Whatever your industry, we study with you solutions that will help you secure your business, your staff and your equipment.

Drug tests manufacturer for the nuclear inductry and nuclear plants

Provider of drug testing for the financial community, banks, brokerage firms

Provider of drug tests for the sports field and prevention against doping

Provider of drug tests for the telecommunications industry

and all areas where drug use can affect the safety or effectiveness.

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