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Drug screening in schools and education centers

Schools are now in the frontline to the problem of drugs.

Every college and high school is concerned by this issue, and obviously, the only prevention through information is not enough. NarcoCheck provides simple and effective solutions to help school leaders to curb the problem of drug.


Screening in schools: it is now one of the only viable way to reduce drug consumption by youth, because apart from parents, schools are the only places that deal with young people every day.

In the United States and some Scandinavian countries, regular drug screenings over randomly selected groups of students have given spectacular results, because the deterrent effect is extremely effective.

But it is necessary that these screenings are carried out in good conditions.

NarcoCheck assists and supports schools in implementing their policy of prevention. More than the only provision of drug tests, we inform you about the methods and procedures to help you implement them calmly.

Drug testing in schools have to be done by nurses and doctorsIn partnership with professional associations fighting against drugs, we will explain, for example, that screening should be performed by the nurse or school doctor. Whatever the results of a test could be, each student that has been screened is then invited to a private meeting with board members of these associations, so that no one could deduce who was positive and who was not. If the test was positive, the association will then begin with listening and dialogue to help the young to cope. For some of these young people tested positive, this can be a real lifesaver.

It is important to understand that if parents must be notified in case of a positive drug test, the direction of the school shall not be advised. The goal is not to "stick a label" on a particular student. Who has never done anything stupid at 12 or 16 years old? It would be unfair that a one time wrong behaviour follows the student throughout his schooling. The bottom line is that the problems of drug addiction should be identified as soon as possible and treated accordingly by persons with expertise in this area.

Prevent drug use in school placesThus, screening is one method that may allow schools to achieve sustainable reduction in the number of youth who use narcotics and psychotropic substances. Every teenager do mistakes. But some mistakes are much more problematic than others. To allow those who could not make the right choice to pull back and recover physical and mental serenity for studies, it is therefore essential to provide the means to effectively fight against drugs.

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